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MyRangerBiz.com was developed based on a Ranger's desire to have a dashboard where he can easily access the various Ranger enterprises as well as direct others for help when needed.  My Ranger Biz is a non-profit associated with the La Stella Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization (91-1514119).  All donations are tax deductible.  

We will provide all Veterans information on business development and jobs.  We provide information on Veteran health and educational resources.  MRB provides information on Veteran news, business, events and support.  We would like your support and efforts to provide us with any updates to Veteran endeavors.  This site is not intended to take away from individual organizations and in fact intends to drive more Veterans and Supporters to your pages.  We genuinely care about our Veteran Community and go above and beyond to provide the best support.  All of this has been built by volunteer work for you and future generations.

We carry the Airborne Ranger name as a shining example of our motto, "Rangers Lead the Way."
You do not have to be a Ranger to benefit from My Ranger Biz.  RLTW  

We like to help other non-profits make money.  We have several methods that will allow you the opportunity to raise funds.  Contact us at myrangerbiz@gmail.com. ​

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