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Warrior Scholar Project
Ranger University
Educating Veterans to Take Over the Business World 
Ranger University is a webpage for now but the real work is being created by MyRangerBiz.com to create an entire network of educational opportunities for Veterans.  Our Veterans need to know that when they get out, there is a place for them to stay, a college that will accept them and jobs lined up that are meaningful, "badass," and helps them take care of their families as they achieve their dreams.  Together we will create a system where the success of the Veteran will allow him to contribute back to our community.  It will take care of the next generation, the future generations and our families.

Dave Maestas, 2/75 Ranger 94-2000
Retired Special Forces "Green Beret"
I want to inform you all of Warrior Scholar Project (WSP), which I attended this past summer before starting school. I would compare this program to an "Academic Cole Range," such as that it is academically rigorous and requires long hours. But at the end of it, anything you encounter in your academic career will seem easier in comparison. Early admission deadline is March 16th. Also, all expenses are covered during WSP.

What is the Warrior-Scholar Project?
Founded at Yale University in 2012, the Warrior-Scholar Project is an immersive college preparation program hosted at top U.S. universities to help enlisted veterans develop the skills and confidence necessary to successfully complete 4-year undergraduate programs in higher education. Under the guidance of both student-veterans who’ve successfully transitioned from the military to college, and world renowned professors, students on the Warrior-Scholar Project develop the analytical reading, writing, and discussion skills critical to academic success, and learn about what challenges to expect during this transition.
In the summer of 2015, the Warrior-Scholar Project will be running programs at University of Chicago, Yale, Harvard, University of Michigan, University of North Carolina, Cornell, Syracuse, University of Southern California, Georgetown, and University of Oklahoma.
Approximately 200 spots are available across 10 courses to be run from June through Early September. Early Admissions applications will be accepted through March 16th 2015. All applications made prior to this point will be reviewed on equal footing. Applications will continue to be accepted throughout the summer but, following the EA deadline, will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.  - Ranger Myles Davis
-Sue "Moma" Penney, March 2015
What do I want to experience out of life before I kick the bucket?

How Do I want to Grow?

What do I want to contribute from this planet?

Vishen Lakhiani

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ExBellum Accelerate Program​

Hey guys, here is a really great opportunity for those looking to transition into the corporate world. This particular residency program is a year long (paid well) and will be with 4 different companies (3 months at each). Three are in Dallas and one is in LA. 

The ExBellum Accelerate Program: A unique business internship designed exclusively for SOF veterans:

One candidate selected for a 12-month internship with salary up to $150K.
 Learn new and diverse business roles in multiple environments.
 Ten SOF veterans interviewed each quarter by four different CEOs.
 Intern is guaranteed a job offer upon completion of the program.
 Remaining candidates are considered for immediate employment by over 40 participating CEOs.

For further information about the Accelerate Program, contact Tony Almon at talmon@exbellum.com
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This is for ALL Veterans but being pushed by many of us the Special Forces and Ranger communities.  Why?  It is an awesome program that will set you up for success when you are ready to go back to school. 

Ranger Dan Villarreal
Teaches English to those who need to learn the language.   
GI Bill License and Certification Program
Scholarships for Wounded Warriors