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USARA President
Medical Negligence by the Veterans Health Administration
Travis James West 09/28/2015
While many of us think of the US Department of Veterans Affairs as a single entity, its functions are actually divided among three separate administrations: The Veterans Benefits Administration, Veterans Health Administration, and the National Cemetery Administration. The Veterans Health Administration, or VHA, reports that it currently administers over 1,700 health care sites, providing medical services to 8.76 million veterans annually. It is the largest integrated health care system in the United States.  
First, if a veteran... Click for more...
For almost 120 years veterans were effectively prevented from retaining counsel of their choice to assist them with pension and disability claims. That all changed during the Reagan administration, when congress removed the hurdles that prevented attorneys from practicing VA law and created the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims to provide oversight over the increasingly complex administrative process at the agency level. Here is a short article I co-wrote with Shana Dunn of Dunn Law Offices on the history behind these changes.  Click for more...
The Department of Veterans Affairs and the Need for Lawyers
Travis James West 11/06/2015
Law Blog
A VA Office of the Inspector General report issued January 6, 2016, shows that the St. Petersburg Regional Office was mishandling VA claims material.
The report states “the St. Petersburg VARO had more than 41,900 mail packages of veterans’ claims material that were backlogged and over 1,600 boxes awaiting processing at the CACI scanning facility. We also observed a significant amount of hard copy veterans’ claims evidence that was improperly stored, comingled with contractor documentation, or was disorganized and not ready for scanning.”
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VA Claims Material Mishandled
Shana Dunn 1/12/2016
Kris Dunn
Tallahassee, FL