4/7/2021  My Ranger Biz
In the military we talk about technical and tactical knowledge. Technical knowledge being the formal education we received in classrooms and demonstrated.   Tactical knowledge required boots on the groups training based on the knowledge gained from the formal education.
Many in business are also the sales person for their company.  Many also have a staff.  Often, none of the sales staff are trained in salesmanship.  There are numerous key sales training that you need to be successful.  If you do not train your staff, the may flounder and it truly isn't their fault.  Salesmanship is a skill.
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When you or your staff are ready for more formal training, he has a great course that you and your staff can work online with Eric and learn everything that you need to be successful.  Don't pay attention to the price as he gives you a special offer when you click on the get started link: