11/21/2021  MyRangerBiz.com
GOA obtained ATF's internal documents outlining the 53.8 million paper records and 887,000 electronic records they have retained this fiscal year alone. While they stockpile Form 4473 records of firearms and gun owners, ATF and the Biden administration have also been working on proposed changes to existing laws that would keep gun records stored in perpetuity in West Virginia. The increase in Form 4473 record-keeping is only one aspect of ATF's gun-grabbing agenda. ATF's leaked internal documents also indicate that they have reached the final stage of their rulemaking process on their proposed ban of 10 to 40 million pistol braces. ATF's proposed rules will go further to restrict law-abiding gun owners from accessing homemade firearms by requiring gun parts to be regulated with background checks. In practice, this would mean that a law-abiding citizen could be subject to a dozen or more background checks for one firearm.
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