9/6/2021  Always in Pursuit - Mike S. Burke
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Weekly Azimuth Check
Fostering relationships is the focus of our efforts this week. Have you ever met someone randomly that became an integral part of your life? I know I have. What if we took this and applied effort behind it? If we tried to grow relationships by putting ourselves out there. Remain open, kind and driven this week. A relationship you make might become one that years from now you can’t imagine living without.

MAP CHECK, Week 35

Relationships are about connections, frankly this is something I’ve had to work on most of my life. I believe there are two parts to connections. Trust and respect, trust is built over time. However, respect can be on the onset through the fact that everyone offers a perspective that can make us better.

One way I’ve found to really build connections and relationships is through mutual storytelling. If we think about it, stories have been the means we have shared lesson-learned for thousands of years. So it should come as no surprise that we are so drawn to them.

Stories are like a window into someone's life. What may seem like a simple answer and story can tell you something about their upbringing; where they grew up or perhaps how good they are in conveying past emotions into a story.

Stories are important; they build connections because most of the time when someone tells you a story they are giving a peek into the building blocks of their life. A piece of them, that when prompted, will reinvigorate an emotion and feeling.

To be Always in Pursuit you are going to need help. You are going to need people you can count on, people that have knowledge and experiences you don’t yet possess. You don’t build relationships because you are looking for people that can help you in some way. Instead, you are forming a relationship that can be more than someone you know, it can be one you link to another effort or person to accomplish something amazing. So, be deliberate and make it part of your day. You might be the phone call someone has been waiting for or desperately needed!

Og Madino is one of my favorite authors, in his book The Spell Binder’s Gift , he talks about a master storyteller. Someone that captivates people with the stories they tell, it’s worth picking up if you haven’t read it.

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