4/9/2021  My Ranger Biz
Welcome back.  Though we have had a steady amount of traffic over the years, the old site was... old.  
Six years ago we launched My Ranger Biz to bring attention to Ranger owned businesses and associations.  It was a great success as many Ranger owned businesses were able to gain national notoriety right away.  To this day, our Facebook group is 2600 members strong and we have kept the Facebook page going.  
But it lacked a means for Rangers to update their business information and most importantly share it.  This new site allows all Ranger business owners to update their listing any time they wish.   You can add up to 10 pictures, add a video to your listing.  Provide all the contact information so that people can get to know you and your business.   You can even create a coupon.  People are looking for Ranger owned businesses! Finally, we add a tracking code onto your website urls so that you can track the traffic that comes from My Ranger Biz on your google analytics. 
If you don't have a website yet, this is a great way to add your business and share your website listing on your social media or elsewhere. 
As before, all listings revenues are to help pay for the hosting, build of the site and any additional funds are used to advertise My Ranger Biz to drive traffic to it... to Ranger businesses.
There is an event section so that you can be advised of all Ranger events throughout the year.
We added an article section.  We plan to feature stories about Ranger owned businesses and of course events and news. 
Whether you are a Ranger business owner or supporter of Ranger businesses, we hope you visit to find the things that you need.  These are tough times and many need all the support that they can get from you.  The success in this site is that we share-share-share.  You can share the site.  You can share a Ranger business that you like.  Share the stories and events.  Overall this drives traffic to our brothers.  
As always, buy Ranger first.  I call it Rangernomics.
Dave Maestas
Special Forces and 2/75 Ranger 1994-2014