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Bailey Mae's "Car Ride Home" new single is out!

Ranger Steve Baumgaertner <2> announces his daughter's new song.

Bailey Mae's "Car Ride Home" New Single Is Out!

Exciting news for music lovers and supporters of emerging artists: Bailey Mae has just released her latest single, "Car Ride Home"! This heartfelt track promises to captivate listeners with its poignant lyrics and soulful melody, marking a significant milestone in Bailey's musical journey.

What makes this release even more special is the proud endorsement from none other than US Army Veteran Steve Baumgaertner, who couldn't contain his enthusiasm for his daughter's achievement. In a heartwarming announcement, he shared, "My daughter, Bailey, just dropped her new song! It will be coming out on all music platforms soon. But for now, it is on YouTube. Such a GREAT song! Take a listen, you'll love it!"

Bailey Mae's music is known for its authenticity and emotional depth, and "Car Ride Home" is no exception. The song weaves together evocative storytelling with Bailey's distinctive vocals, creating a memorable listening experience that resonates long after the music stops.

To listen to "Car Ride Home" and support Bailey Mae's burgeoning career, check out the YouTube video below:

Don't miss out on experiencing this talented artist's latest creation. Whether you're a fan of heartfelt ballads or discovering new music, Bailey Mae's "Car Ride Home" promises to leave a lasting impression. Stay tuned for its release on all major music platforms and be sure to share this exciting news with your friends and family. Let's celebrate Bailey Mae's success and enjoy the magic of "Car Ride Home" together!

Ranger Dave: "Listening to 'Car Ride Home' feels like taking a journey through emotions. Bailey Mae's vocals are powerful yet tender, and the songwriting is exceptional. A new favorite on my playlist!"

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Car Ride Home · Bailey Mae Car Ride Home ℗ 6016731 Records DK Released on: 2024-06-14
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