Red Legion Defense

Red Legion Defense
155 S Union St
Evansville, WI 53536
United States


Firearms, Ammo, e-bikes, blades and more.

Our founder, Carlos Stinson, is a Veteran Special Operations Army Ranger. He believes that the value of any business or operation is found in the quality of its employees. Red Legion only hires from a pool of the worlds most elite professionals: The U.S. Special Operations community. Our employees consistently exceed customers expectations due in part to a windfall of experiences amassed from countless overseas deployments involving real world anti- terrorism missions.

Our founder believes that “through innovation, and with a positive outlook on problem solving, there is literally nothing that this company cannot accomplish”. Red Legion Defense prides itself with the highest of standards to it’s product manufacturing processes and design. Our motto is ripped right out of the Ranger Creed, ” Setting The Standard For Others To Follow.” This company was founded by a man who cares. He cares about his Country, and he cares about his Employees.

“I Founded this Company to provide meaningful employment to my comrades upon completion of their enlistments, and Honorable service”.
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