"To our GWOT Veterans—if you feel today like it was all for nothing, know this: Because of you, we have everything. Every opportunity, every chance to compete, and the same opportunity to arrive on the cutting edge of battle. The word “service” has been so overused that the idea of our Rangers as servants to our Nation is hard to grasp; it comes in and out of focus. It feels abstract in the moment, yet in retrospect, it is crystal clear. It’s not likely that those who came before us understood the impact they would have on the Ranger Regiment, the Army, and the Nation. There are no words that can repay or fully recognize their commitment to the Ranger creed, their fellow Rangers, and our Nation. They remain immortalized as our heroes, their service to us continues long after their tour of duty has ended. Today, there is only one word to describe how we current Rangers feel on Veterans Day. Gratitude. We are grateful for those who chose this path, and through their service, not only fought for their Nation but also provided those in our ranks with something more. It is through their service, those Veterans, that we have been offered the most unique opportunities to enter into a brotherhood where people expect us to be our best. We are grateful for those Veterans who challenged what was possible and in doing so created high standards. Standards that created a venue to struggle and achieve what may seem impossible. We owe thanks to those Ranger Veterans for leaving the Ranger Regiment in a better place, and paving the way for our next generations to live and work in a place that allows a similar experience—an experience that makes us better people, better spouses, better friends, better parents, better members of our community, and ultimately, better Rangers. This is your day. We honor you daily on Cardiac and Noble Hill, on the back lonely stretches of Perimeter Road, on the range, in the gym, and in battle. It is you who still holds the torch that lights the path we follow. There are no words, so we offer instead our commitment of action to go further, faster, and fight harder than any other Soldier... just like you."
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