11/11/2023  MyRangerBiz.com

On this Veteran's Day, November 11, 2023, we would like to introduce you to Steven Grzesik and his new book, "We Had to Get Out of That Place: A Memoir of Redemption and Betrayal in Vietnam"

Steven Grzesik's counter-culture experience in Greenwich Village ended with a bad acid trip followed by a draft notice. The Vietnam War, then at its height, seemed doomed to failure by cynical politicians and a skeptical public, a prediction he weighed against his sense of duty to himself and to his country.

Through a variety of combat duties--with the infantry, the 36th Engineer Battalion, F Co. 75th Rangers and the 174th Assault Helicopter Co.--and several close calls with death, Grzesik's detailed memoir recounts his two tours in-country, where he hoped merely to survive with a semblance of heroism, yet ultimately redefined himself.

Steve's book is one that is just recently published from those who belonged to elite units. For some, it takes years to fully process the experience and be able to put it down into print. This book will will leave you captivated with a fresh viewpoint of a war that defined an era and of those who built our modern day Airborne Rangers, to who they are today.
This book belongs on every Ranger shelf after reading. 



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