10/18/2021  My Ranger Biz
What's the plan?
When in the history of America have we allowed government to destroy millions of American lives and livelihoods? Then The President, Congress, Governors, legislatures, democrats AND republicans turn their backs on those people and say, "Oh well, screw those people?"
When?  Sure, they just did it to the Afghan people as well. 
You have the Constitutional right to refuse the vaccine and to make life difficult for the people, to force the jab or lose your job is nothing but tyranny. Go visit a red state. Free. Open. The only propaganda you see is from public schools (who may be bribed by their party) and local fake news who align with the tyrants. It's absolute freedom.  If you live in a blue state, you have no idea how the majority of America is living and loving life even with this "pandemic."
Millions of Americans will wake up over the next few months without jobs because they don't believe that less than a year is enough time for proper studies of a vaccine. After all, it's not just real science but common sense.  We all know democrats could care less about anyone who doesn't vote for them. Republicans should then have the foresight to start planning.  Write bills on creating educational opportunities, skilled trade education, helping these people to get through it all, health care... make an investment into these people.  You destroyed their ability to work.  You OWE them.  Not own them.  Sure, democrats will likely strike down the bills but at least the conversation has started.  At least you have done something and we all know that you can resurrect that bill when democrats have been voted out for failing to perform their duties.
Instead of Republicans planning their next re-election, focus on actually serving the people today.  Why hasn't anyone even mentioned this?  There is plenty of talk of retribution for people who have no real rights to retribution.  But no one is talking about helping the people who enacted their Constitutional rights and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?  Where is Tucker Carlson?  This isn't one or two people, this is millions of people.  Many of these people paid tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars for education only to have government rip their jobs from them over forced mandates or collusion with private businesses.
For those who work for big businesses and forced those businesses to shut down, some of these businesses have stated that they will no longer require the mandate.  Don't be hoodwinked. This is only to immediately stop the major losses incurred from employees not showing up to work.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Meanwhile they are ramping up recruiting so that they can train their new employees to fire those who originally objected to the jab.  If you go back to your job where the CEO was taking sides with the tyrants and attempted to force the jab on you, your time is still short at that company.  You will be training your replacement.  You should be planning your exit.  That CEO doesn't give a crap about you.  Real leadership would have had those CEOs refusing to force the jab on people in the first place.
Republicans should show some real leadership by taking action to protect these Americans forced from their jobs.  You know it's true.  So do they, they have either chosen to ignore helping Americans, ignorant to this issue impacting millions of lives, or they are willfully allowing people to feel the pain of such a great loss for politics.