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My Ranger Biz was created by Dave Maestas. 

Dave is a retired Army Master Sergeant (1994-2014), Special Forces, LRS and 2/75 Ranger with over 3 years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. He served as the Team Sergeant for two SF teams while deployed to Afghanistan while living in austere environments and earned two bronze stars amongst other awards.   
He has built a media and marketing agency spanning the United States with over 24 million views to his websites in 2023 and over 300,000 that are in his Facebook groups and follow across social media platforms.  He provides free marketing advisement to numerous Veteran businesses and non-profits which have helped them to grow significantly.    
Dave is a business leader and connected to many businesses across the country.  Along with his marketing agency, Dave is VP and co-owner of West Coast Italian Radio broadcasted and syndicated on the ABC network.
Dave serves the community as VP of the Tacoma Events Commission that produced Washington State's largest one day event on the 4th of July, the Tacoma Freedom Fair with 125,000 in attendance, Airshows featuring some of the most watched military and civilian aircraft across America, Gray Sky Blues Music Festival, Orting Pumpkin Festival.  Provided marketing for 5 years for the greatest BBQ event in the Pacific Northwest, "Hudson Bay Heritage Days."
Dave is the former director of the US Army Ranger Association's Northwest Region covering Montana to Alaska from 2015-2019.  
As a marketing agency owner, he knows how to drive traffic to businesses locally and nationally.  His primary goal is help his clients gain an audience which increases the revenue as well as builds more value of the business.  

Bridging Valor and Business: The MyRangerBiz.com Story

In the fabric of the United States, the valor of its veterans is a thread that holds together the nation's past, present, and future. Recognizing the need to extend this valor into economic empowerment, Dave Maestas founded MyRangerBiz.com in 2014, a pioneering directory dedicated to the businesses of Veterans from the US Army's Airborne Ranger community. This initiative was born out of Maestas's observation that Ranger-owned businesses lacked national visibility, a gap he sought to fill with ambition and reverence for the community he aimed to serve.

The Genesis of a Veteran-Powered Platform

MyRangerBiz.com emerged from a simple yet profound desire: to spotlight the entrepreneurial spirit of the Airborne Rangers, a distinguished group known for their exceptional discipline and leadership skills honed on the battlefield. These qualities, as Maestas believed, were not just limited to military prowess but could also translate into successful business ventures. The platform was designed to not only list Ranger-owned businesses but also to celebrate their achievements, whether they were making headlines or being featured on podcasts.

A Community United in Support

Since its inception, MyRangerBiz.com has achieved remarkable milestones, amassing 1.2 million views in 2023 alone and cultivating an audience of 300,000 on social media under its current ownership. These figures are a testament to the platform's resonance within the veteran and Ranger community, offering a specialized audience that eagerly supports its own. The website has become more than a directory; it is a vibrant community hub that highlights Ranger events and shines a spotlight on Rangers who are making an impact.

Impact and Expansion

The success of MyRangerBiz.com has had a ripple effect, sparking a collective effort to highlight Ranger businesses. This endeavor has enabled many Ranger entrepreneurs to thrive, providing them with a ready audience keen to support their ventures. The platform's influence has encouraged other Ranger entities to feature Ranger-owned businesses, creating a robust support network that fosters entrepreneurship within the community.

A Legacy of Empowerment

MyRangerBiz.com stands as a beacon of empowerment for Ranger veterans transitioning to civilian life. By providing a platform where their businesses can gain visibility, Maestas and his team have ensured that the transition is not just about finding a place in civilian society but about thriving within it. The website embodies the ethos of the Ranger community: leadership, resilience, and mutual support.

Looking Ahead

As MyRangerBiz.com continues to grow, its mission remains clear: to celebrate and support the entrepreneurial endeavors of Ranger veterans. In doing so, it not only contributes to the economic well-being of the veterans it serves but also enriches the broader community with the values and skills that Rangers bring to the table. The story of MyRangerBiz.com is a poignant reminder of the strength found in unity and the boundless potential that lies in translating military excellence into entrepreneurial success.

There is one thing that we know, your business will be seen more on search engines when you have it on sites like My Ranger Biz.    
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