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My Ranger Biz was created by Dave Maestas. 

Dave is a retired Army Master Sergeant (1994-2014), Special Forces, LRS and 2/75 Ranger with over 3 years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
Dave is a business leader and connected to businesses across the country.  Along with his marketing agency, Dave is VP and co-owner of West Coast Italian Radio broadcasted and syndicated on the ABC network.
Dave serves the community as VP of the Tacoma Events Commission that produced Washington State's largest one day event on the 4th of July, the Tacoma Freedom Fair with 125,000 in attendance, Airshows featuring some of the most watched military and civilian aircraft across America, Gray Sky Blues Music Festival, Orting Pumpkin Festival.  Provided marketing for 5 years for the greatest BBQ event in the Pacific Northwest, "Hudson Bay Heritage Days."
Dave is the former director of the US Army Ranger Association's Northwest Region covering Montana to Alaska from 2015-2019.  
As a marketing agency owner, he knows how to drive traffic to businesses locally and nationally to include other agency owners.  "There is more than enough business for all of us."  There is one thing that we know, your business will be seen more on search engines when you have it on sites like My Ranger Biz.    
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