10/14/2021  MyRangerBiz.com
REF: Branki Marcetic 'Facebook Harms Its Users Because That's Where It's Profits Are' 
"Facebook created a "whitelist" of many tens of thousands of high-profile accounts, making them immune from censorship for posting the kinds of things that would get other users censored, suspended or permanently banned." 
"All the while the company's censors went after lower-level users (you and me), taking down completely innocuous posts or those whose messages they misinterpreted."
What does that mean for you?  If you are a business owner or personality and you spend money on Facebook, you may have been defrauded by Facebook.  While you spend thousands of dollars advertising, they are giving whitelisters free traffic as they are not being hindered with "fact checker" notices and suspensions.  Many people that I know have had their facebook pages severely limited to traffic and exposure due to these practices of Facebook.  This destroys profits.  
It appears Facebook has given preferential treatment rather than making it an equitable platform.  While you believe that you have just as much of a chance to succeed with your advertising or building your Facebook page, it appears that "lower-level users" are not able to get ahead the same as the elite. 
Do you find it odd that no one mentions the economic impact and unfairness that this white list has created?