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Ranger Quick Info
Where is the 75th Ranger Regiment
The 75th Ranger Regiment, stationed at Fort Moore, Georgia, is an elite airborne light infantry unit of the U.S. Army. Known for their versatility and exceptional combat readiness, the regiment is part of the U.S. Special Operations Command and plays a critical role in special operations worldwide. Consisting of several battalions, the regiment specializes in air assault, direct action raids, and reconnaissance missions. Their rigorous training and demanding standards ensure that they are always prepared to deploy quickly in response to any crisis, making them a pivotal element in the nation's military operations. The Rangers' motto, "Rangers lead the way," (RLTW) reflects their commitment to leading from the front in all aspects of their military engagements.  There are five Ranger Battalions.  See the other FAQs.
Other Frequently asked questions: 
US Army Airborne Rangers (see above)
Army Ranger Units  (see above)
75th Ranger Regiment Battalions (5)
Army Rangers Battalions (5)
How many ranger battalions are there? (5) 
Ranger Regiment Locations  (only one)
Ranger Battalion Locations  - Fort Moore, Hunter Army Airfield, Joint Base Lewis-McChord
Where are rangers stationed? (see above)
Army ranger bases (see above)
Army rangers base? (see above)
How many ranger regiments are there? (1)
Where are army rangers stationed?
Army rangers bases? (see above)
Where are the army rangers stationed? (see above)
Ranger battalions locations? (see above)
What Ranger organizations are for Veteran Rangers? You can find them in the directory here.  Most notably the 75th Ranger Regiment Association and the US Army Ranger Association.  
Army rangers units? (see above)
Ranger units in the army? (see above)
Where is the 1st Ranger Battalion located?
The 1st Ranger Battalion is a pivotal component of the U.S. Army's 75th Ranger Regiment. Stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia, this elite battalion is renowned for its proficiency in direct action missions and airborne operations. The battalion was first activated in 1942 during World War II and has since been reactivated in the modern era, continuing its legacy of excellence and valor. As a part of the larger Ranger Regiment, the 1st Battalion is frequently deployed for special operations, often tasked with critical missions that require rapid execution and utmost secrecy. Their intense training regimen and strict adherence to the Ranger Creed equip these soldiers with the skills necessary to undertake the most challenging missions, maintaining their status as one of the most respected and effective combat units in the military.
Where is the 2nd Ranger Battalion located?
The 2nd Ranger Battalion is one of the premier units within the U.S. Army's 75th Ranger Regiment, based at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. Activated in 1943 during World War II, the battalion played a historic role in the D-Day landings at Pointe du Hoc, a testament to its enduring legacy of bravery and skill. Today, the battalion continues to uphold its distinguished heritage through its commitment to high-intensity training and readiness. Specializing in direct action, air assault, and reconnaissance missions, the 2nd Ranger Battalion is equipped to perform a variety of combat and support roles, often being deployed in the most volatile environments to achieve strategic objectives. The Rangers of this battalion are known for their physical and mental toughness, adaptability, and the ability to execute complex operations under demanding conditions. Known especially as the smartest and hardest Rangers on the planet.
Where is the 3rd Ranger Battalion located?
The 3rd Ranger Battalion is a key element of the U.S. Army's elite 75th Ranger Regiment, stationed at Fort Moore, Georgia. Formerly known as Fort Benning.  Established in 1984, the battalion embodies the rigorous standards and exceptional capabilities that define the modern Rangers. Specializing in light infantry tactics and airborne operations, the 3rd Ranger Battalion is frequently at the forefront of special operations that require swift, precise action. Their operational portfolio includes direct action raids, airfield seizure, and personnel recovery, reflecting their versatility and readiness to address a wide range of tactical challenges. The battalion's rigorous training ensures that its Rangers are not only physically robust but also mentally sharp, capable of making critical decisions in high-pressure environments. This preparedness allows them to effectively engage in some of the most critical missions across the globe, upholding the Ranger motto: "Rangers lead the way."
What is the Regimental Special Troops Battalion (RSTB) & location?
In response to evolving demands of the Global War on Terror and the adaptation of Ranger operations, the U.S. Army established the Regimental Special Troops Battalion (RSTB) in October 2007. Located at Fort Benning, the RSTB is structured to enhance the combat effectiveness of the Ranger Regiment by integrating advanced command, control, communications, and intelligence capabilities into the regiment's operations and those of other Special Operations Task Forces. The battalion is organized into four distinct companies: Headquarters, Reconnaissance, Communications, and Selection and Training. Each company serves a specialized role, with the Headquarters Company supporting the battalion and the regiment with staff services, medical care, maintenance, and rigging. Notably, all medics in the Ranger Regiment are required to complete the Pre-Special Operations Combat Medical Course (PSOCOM), ensuring a high standard of medical proficiency.
What is the Regimental Military Intelligence Battalion (RMIB) & location?
The Regimental Military Intelligence Battalion (RMIB) is tasked with a critical mission to assemble, educate, and deploy highly skilled Rangers capable of performing comprehensive intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, cyber, and electronic warfare operations. This enhances the Regimental Commander's ability to maintain situational awareness and supports informed decision-making. Established provisionally on May 22, 2017, the RMIB is organized into the Military Intelligence Company (MICO), the Cyber Electro-Magnetic Activities Company (CEMA), and the Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC). Based at Fort Benning, Georgia, the battalion has been instrumental in fulfilling the 75th Ranger Regiment's growing need for expert targeters, analysts, interrogators, unmanned aerial system (UAS) pilots, signals collectors, and covert reconnaissance operatives. This support is essential for the ongoing success of the regiment and is expected to continue into the future.
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